Glow Skincare

Redesign and customize a Shopify product page

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🌟 Product page redesign and customization

🌟 Small customizations to theme

🌟 App customizations

The Challenge

Glow Skincare had requested a consoltation on the product page of their site.

The client was wanting a cleaner, more user-friendly product page. Upon review, it was determined that the three column page could be causing some issue with content not being seen. The review section was also moved into one of the smaller columns causing the user to scroll endlessly to reach the bottom of the reviews.

Glow Skincare Original Product Page

The proposed layout was to adjust from three columns down to two coloumns. The reviews were also proposed to move out of the columns so the content could be more visable.

The theme customizer in Shopify was not setup to make these adjustments. Instead changes to the codes needed to be made. The HTML structure and the CSS were adjusted in the product theme template to provide the desired layout.

The product reviews were displayed through an app. The app interface was checked first to make sure the display issue was not due to the settings within the app. After inspecting the settings, it was determined that all the issues were not just in the app. Additional changes to the code needed to be made.

Glow Skincare new product page layout

The end result with the layout ended out being much cleaner and provides a better flow for the user. The images of the product is on the left and all the information about the product is on the right. The reviews are in a larger format to allow the content to be seen easier.

Small customizations and edits were made to the page. These included:

  • Adding a Favicon to the theme settings
  • Included product star ratings to under the product title
  • Worked with app developers to ensure proper integration
  • Changing the color of the dropdown menu for one product
  • Updated the content of the footer

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