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Easy Way To Increase Site Speed

Images are one of the best content elements that can be added to any website. They provide marketing opportunities, display company logos, and visualize products. Despite these many advantages, images are one of the biggest factors that can slow down a site. However, there is a solution to this problem and it is called lazy loading. Lazy loading doesn't allow all the images on a page to load right away. The images are only loaded when certain actions, such as scrolling down the page, occurs.

The benefits of lazy load can be best seen by looking at comparisons of site speed before and after utilizing lazy load. The two images below show the speed of this site before and after initializing lazy load.

mobile speed score desktop speed score

As the images demonstrate, there was a significant improvement in the site speed on this site. This is one great way to optimize the speed of your site. If you are interested in optimizing your website speed, contact me below to learn how I can help.